The conference will feature over 55 ministry guests from all around the world.  A select list is shown below.  Many more coming soon!

To stay informed as new guests are announced:

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PWF Executive

Dr. Prince Guneratnam

Chairman | Malaysia

Dr. David Wells

Vice-Chairman | Canada

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

Member | Ghana

Dr. William M. Wilson

Committee Member | USA


Details coming soon…

Asia Pacific

Rev. Dominic Yeo


Details coming soon…

North America

Nick Hall

Faytene Grasseschi

Dr. Timothy M. Hill

Dr. Glenn Burris Jr.

Danielle Strickland

Bishop Charles E. Blake

South America

Details coming soon…

PWC Host Committee

Rev. Wesley Mills


Rev. Terry Snow

Committee Member

E21 Canada Cabinet

Details coming soon…

Cooperating Leaders

Details coming soon…


Michael Larson