International Guests

If you are planning on coming from outside Canada, you will have many questions.  We would like to help make your planning for the 25th Pentecostal World Conference as positive of an experience as possible.  We will try to answer all your questions.

Will you help us get our Visa to come to Canada?

Sorry we are not equipped to help Visitors obtain Visitor Visa for Canada.  All your questions about required document for Canada to attend the 25th PWC can be found at the Government of Canada website.

Do you issue official letters of invite for visitors coming to 25PWC?

25th Pentecostal World Conference 2019 will be issuing a Letter of Invite to all individuals who purchase registration to the 25PWC. Letters of Invite will be issued automatically to the individual in their personal name and information used in purchasing their conference registration. Letters of Invite will be sent to all delegates who’s address’ are outside of North America.

How do we come to the 25th Pentecostal World Conference?

Step 1: Purchase your 25th Pentecostal World Conference Registration Passes and FREE Shuttle for conference at: Website link

Step 2: Book your hotel stay in one of our 5 Conference Hotel

Step 3: Letter of invite will automatically be sent to delegates who registered for the conference and live outside of North America.

Step 4: Check if you need a Visa to Canada by going to: Click “Find out if you need a Visa”. Fill out information.
Step 5: Download and print Conference Letter of Invite for your Visitor Visa Application

Step 6: Connect with the Canadian Consulate/Embassy based in or closest to your city for Visa Applications.

Step 7: in addition to a valid passport, you may require a visitor visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter Canada. Consult the Gov of Canada website for requirements at: Website Link shere.

Step 8: Book your travel

Step 9: if you booked your FREE Shuttle email your travel details; Hotel, Aircraft Carrier, Flight number and arrival time in Calgary; Please indicate if you are landing in domestic or international arrivals to

Step 10: One month before the conference all delegates will get a letter of entry to Canada that you will need to print and carry with you as you enter immigration at the Canadian Border.

Note: We are not able to subsidize or sponsor anyone to come to the 25th Pentecostal World Conference. We have priced tickets to make it affordable for people to attend. ALL delegates are responsible for their own travel to Canada, food and accommodations while in Canada.

What currency will the conference be in?

The 25PWC Conference will be in Canadian $ (CAN dollars) but you can easily exchange US$ for CAN$ at the airport, Hotels and close by banks.

How far is the Calgary International Airport to the TELUS Convention Centre and Conference Hotels?

The Calgary International Airport is 18km away which is about a 20 minutes drive. There is no shuttle from the Calgary International Airport to the downtown core. If you are booking into one of our conference hotels plans to book for FREE shuttle with our conference team. When you purchase your conference registration just add your FREE Shuttle to your cart. Then once you have your hotel and travel booked just email your hotel, Air Craft Carrier, Flight Number and Arrival time into Calgary and our team will welcome you at the airport. Email you travel dates to Travel details will need to be emailed to us by Sunday August 19, 2019.

If you have more questions about the conference or Calgary, email us at